17 July 2014

Uluru Walk #4

...are you still keeping up with us? We've come this far, we might be able to pull over in a bit and have a drink and piece of fruit I think, shortly.


amazing textures on this side of the rock

flower of the Corkwood tree

and as someone pointed out, this natural etching was quite reminiscent of an indigenous male portraiture

pretty in pink; it looks like a little everlasting daisy, or strawflower/paper daisy

So at a closer glance, it has been quite amazing, the changes, as our group walked around the base of Uluru last month.  I know it was a lot of red dirt to kick up as we trekked 8 kms or so, but it was pretty worthwhile don't you think?  

Now we can go meet up with the coach -- aaah, that means I can ditch the camera and hat for a bit and take the weight off my feet.  We're heading on over to the Cultural Centre for lunch. 

I chose the ...  think it was called Outback Beef Steak Pie - which happened to be quite unique!!  It was shaped like a big sausage roll - and it tasted so good.  Was a neat way to eat a pie too in that shape, it didn't want to ooze all over your hand; much easier to eat that way.  More pies should be shaped like sausage rolls I reckon.

Since I had to wait so long in the queue to get the pie in the first place, then wait for my number to be called to pick up my coffee --- all I could think of was to eat/drink (and be merry), and forgot all about taking a photo of this pie.  At least I could have shared it with you.


Montanagirl said...

Beautiful series of photos - I really like the red rock formations.

Dianne said...

Wonderful textures in the rock formations Carole and such a joy to see those pretty floral treasures nestled in at the base. Your Out-back beef pie with coffee sounds Yum !

Laura said...

Your walk around Uluru was definitely worthwhile! I wish we had the opportunity. It was just so hot when we were there. Thanks for your photos! I especially loved the ones of the texture on the rock. The flowers were beautiful too, in that desert climate! An amazing place! hugs, Laura

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

Awesome! I've loved following your walk around this amazing place.

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I really enjoyed this walk. Hope you can do it again.

Kay said...

Yes Carole, I'm still keeping up with you. Wow what amazing textures in the rock formation, it looks every side of Uluru is different. I've really enjoyed this walk.