16 July 2014

Uluru Walk #3

continuing the walk around Uluru ... just some snapshots along the way to show the varying formations

what's that?!  Someone climbing up there?!  Keen.  Not only would they be getting buffeted by the winds, but it's considered nowadays, to be disrespectful (to the indigenous owners), and it is requested that you not climb Uluru anymore.  However, the safety rail fencing from earlier days when it was the touristy thing to do, is still in place.  It would be quite some arduous hike!  I wonder how far they went?

zoomed in

I like doing it at ground level, around the base...I can take in the trees and other botanicals 

this is one of the earlier opportunities to be so close 

it's so interesting to observe the differing textures, craters and such, which aren't evident from the distant views

tempted to stop a while...?

reminder that this is what we're walking around, Uluru.  Yes ... there's more to come.  


Arnoya Ari said...

Nature has many faces, stunning portraits.

Gumer Paz said...

wow that good story Carole!
that mountain with rope railing is very curious.
Oh and that bank, I want it for me!!!!
A kiss from Spain :)

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

That is strange, they don't want you to climb it but leave the old safety rope in place encouraging one to do so. I like the close-ups of the different textures of the rock. Interesting it has so many.

Lisa Gordon said...

What beautiful photographs, Carole.
It's unfortunate that you are not supposed to climb Uluru any longer. It looks like it would be a really beautiful hike.

Jeanne said...

What amazing shots these are, and very interesting formations you've captured. I have to agree that around the base is the best way... that hike looks punishing.

Beth of "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love the bench. that is one hike up that mtn. wow!! a great stretch. ha. ha!! ( :

Jenny said...

I've seen painting of Uluru but never any details. These are beautiful Thanks for telling me about this blog. I'm a new follower. xo Jenny

Laura said...

Your photos are amazing, Carole! Yes, being close up to the rock, you see the variety of texture. And the color is so beautiful, especially how it changes at sunset! Thanks for sharing your journey with everyone! hugs, Laura

Kay said...

Nice to see Uluru from close-by. The color is beautiful and also the texture. The last photo of Uluru is my favorite.