06 July 2014

Finke Gorge National Park, Palm Valley, N.T., #1

This walk to Palm Valley is the continuation from an earlier post here, the one about N.T., it comes in red, blue or green.

stopping to admire the beautiful patterns cast in the sunshine, at the edge of the waterhole

I chose the shorter walk 

choosing the shorter walk gives me time to stop, enjoy the view a while, and take some photos.  I knew in my mind all the time I was out there, that these photos would be good for 'sharing' with you here.

on one side of the walk the wonderful ochre-coloured 'rocks' and the other...lush shaded greens

and I keep looking to the trees that grow at the very tops

More from this beautiful location to come still.


John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

I would love to walk these trails. Thank you for sharing them.

Pauline said...

I'm glad there's more to come. I really can't see too many photos of this beautiful part of the world.

Kay said...

I would also love to walk these trails. The Palm Valley one is challenging.

Irma said...

Wonderful setting for a walk.
Beautiful pictures, Carole.

Made by KKann said...

You have so beautiful nature in Your country.
Very nice photos.