28 April 2014

more of, the Reservoir Gardens

Following on from an earlier post, some more of the heritage-listed Reservoir Gardens, (site of Sydney's early water supply), at Paddington.  It was such a unique public-space, where anyone can take time  out and sit a while on the loose seats available - yes, nothing bolted down.  Shift it to another spot that suits you, or move some to include a group of friends.

A few people were sitting about; some chatting, a couple reading, someone else taking time to have a coffee and bite to eat that they'd obviously purchased up on the main street.  A grandparent bought a little toddler along to run about and explore, and others had come down the stairs to look at this special place for the first time, like I had; cameras to the fore.  Oh, and I nearly left out that there was a middle-aged male, enjoying his chosen spot on one of the deck chairs.  A brown paper bag was propped beside him, which he occasionally lifted to his mouth ... no doubt bottled water.

this gate was locked, in there was the bottom of the reservoir; it can be hired out for functions and ceremonies.

leaving Paddington Reservoir

26 April 2014


 well of course 'little one' had all the attention, at Taronga Zoo, Sydney

 though Mum Chimpanzee didn't seem at all concerned that it might slide off any moment

 maybe this rest stop was to re-energize before taking off again

 here we go...Mum picks up twigs

chews on them

hang on in there Junior

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24 April 2014

more from the garden today, and a coffee break ...

Camellia Sasanqua, Champagne Sorbet; these are still relatively small, and only planted out this time last year.  They promise to make a great hedge in time, with a profusion of flowers now.

Blue Compact Salvias planted out in early summer, have already had their first cut back and starting to re-flower again now in Autumn.  

Delicate Linarias come in such a wonderful colour range; reminding me of weeny Snapdragons.  These have been good self-seeders too.

Camellia Sasanqua, Jennifer Susan getting ready to open up

You can spot the familiar birdbath which is often shared on Snap Happy Birding when there's some activity snapped up there (see current post for evidence).  There's actually another two, one not so visible, earth-coloured and sitting on the ground, and the other is sitting on one of the arbour benches.  

Linaria, Fairies Bouquet

Camellia Sasanqua, Beatrice Emily; I think 'pristine' sounds right for this beautiful flower

...taking 'time out' with a coffee, and home-made Anzac Biscuits.

Anzac Day, tomorrow 25th April, is recognized nation-wide in rememberance of all who served their country (Australian, New Zealand Army Corps), during the First World War.  Of course we also are acknowledging every participant in World Word II and subsequent wars, thereafter.  

My fan-forced oven is pretty fiesty and I bake at around 140 deg. celcius (284 deg. fahrenheit),  in about twelve minutes only.  Letting the biscuits rest on the tray for five minutes after removing from the oven helps them to crisp some too.

Anzac biscuits, noted for their good keeping, along-with fruit-cakes, were sent to family members serving during the war years.

This recipe has been a long-time favourite, the book was a Christmas gift from my Mum,  in 1979.

Tomorrow morning, I will raise the flag in the front garden;  pictured on both my blogs - half-mast through to midday, and then fully raised for the remainder of the day.

Notation added 25/4 7.54 am - While the dawn services around the nation were very well attended, unfortunately now, on the east coast of Australia, at least, the weather is stormy.  It's black as, outdoors with torrential rain; great bolts of lightning and cracks of thunder. Sadly this will hinder some early morning marches....

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22 April 2014

Flapjack Corner...

I've had this plant from the Kalanchoe family growing for years, and can remember bringing home the original in a small nursery pot.  It endures the summer heat, and the plus is having the lovely deep contrast coloured edges to the leaves.  At certain times of day when the sun shines into them there are such striking hues.

It's a fabulous plant to share, just by slicing off a leaf deep at its base, and that to be re-planted upright.  Eventually it will sprout all around it, new leaves.

There is a new silvery-grey flowering stem popping up at the top of stem to right.  That will need to be cut out to keep the plant looking at its best, and encourage new leaf growth.

Turtle has been with me for the past twenty years and is now being swallowed up as the Flapjacks here encroach on his territory.  Who knows, maybe one day he'll be lifted up by a Flapjack!

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18 April 2014

A little time in the garden...

When the heat of summer is happening, I have a habit of shirking some garden duties. I take a step back and tend to the most necessary only, and top of the list has to be, watering. 

Even that becomes arduous, when even the end of day is still hot, while stepping in and out constantly to change sprinkler lines, some hosing, or filling watering cans for potteds.   I'm often a candidate too for mosquitoes :(.  Once I hear/feel a couple of mozzies, I call it quits!  The end of day-light starts waning, and those areas that didn't get watered, will get done early the next morning.  

 Beatrice Emily

Over a couple of weeks there were many overcast and generally wet days, and sometimes with showers overnight as well.  So good for the garden.  It's heartening to know that EVERYTHING gets a drink, and not just the pockets where the sprinklers reach. 

 Jennifer Susan

This past week the weather has cleared to blue skies and sunny days with moderate temperatures; making it perfect for spending time outdoors, especially in the garden, and catching up.  

It is Camellia time!  These are each Sasanqua Camellia types, happening now, as I write, in my back gardens.  

Over the past couple years, these gardens have had big changes; renovations I guess.  Thirteen advanced Tibouchinas were cut out, and replaced with Camellias, which are still in tiny stage just yet, but flowering none the less.

Also I said goodbye to the seven tall Tree Ferns down one side garden, since the heat of summer constantly gave them a hard time; burning the fronds into oblivion.  They used to offer a lovely overhead shelter in Summer to the Hydrangeas underneath them, so eventually the Hydrangeas went too.  What's there now?  More Camellias!

I didn't think I'd ever resort to this tactic, since I choose not to use sprays .. but I relented recently and bought a pump-sprayer and glyphosate, to help combat a very persistant creepy creeping weed that I've been fighting a useless battle with hand-weeding for way too long.  It was time to make a stand and get out the big guns!

It no doubt has a name too, but I don't know all the weeds by name...and if I was to make a name for it, it wouldn't be printable :).


Where I couldn't spray close to the base of plants and shrubs, I knew I could come back to those and hand-weed still.  The promise that zillions of seeds would be zapped into sterility, was energizing! 

Eventually I may will, combat this rotten, creepy creeping, no-name weed.  

17 April 2014

Chocolate frogs ... or fishes?

 ...there's plenty of variety for Easter treats; it's not just about 'eggs' anymore

 if there's a fisherman in your life, he might appreciate this, or maybe he'd rather a new lure instead?

 it's all about the wrapping isn't it? 
 these might last longer than the chocolate

ps - they're little Aussie Bilby's

14 April 2014

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Sharing more photos as a a follow-on from the single image posted here recently.

Australian native, Banksia

another ... Banksia

even the cracks in the walls provided an opportune home to these young seedlings


12 April 2014


 Mid afternoon and this Orangatang was found enjoying an ice-block treat, at Sydney's Taronga Zoo.

    Ooops, watch, you're losing some off the stick!

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11 April 2014

A sunken garden ...

Thought to sample Picture Effects in camera,  when visiting this charming setting yesterday, the Reservoir Gardens at Paddington, Sydney.

It was an overcast and some times showery day, but I did manage to gather a little bounty of photographs.  I'd been wanting to see this now heritage listed site for myself, after viewing a segment on ABC's Gardening Australia programme last year.

From what had once been a critical water supply during the 19th century, since 1899, this location has been utilised as both a garage, and a petrol station.

Set well down from the main roadway which is pulsing with city traffic, in 2009 this site was transformed into a magical space of tranquility.

The foreground planting is Australia's native Banksia in flower.

09 April 2014

Chess in the park

 late afternoon, and chess is still happening in Hyde Park, Sydney.  Why do we put our hands to our chins when deep in thought (two guys to the right).  Why doesn't the man contemplating his next move put his hand to his chin then??

 looks to be a table-top version happening in the background

I wonder if those pieces, for want of the right word, are gathered at the end of day??  Ah!  Now the man in black has his hand to his chin!  Maybe it's getting a little bit tricky now, requiring more concentration?  

I'd sure have my hand to my chin 'cause I have no idea how to play chess; Scrabble would suit me! Would crowds gather to watch a Scrabble game??

Learning Chess isn't on my 'bucket-list';  I'm still trying to master my camera settings!