29 August 2014

another (little) farewell

but first...

...there was audio-music in the bushland, as we walked closer to next amazing sculpture - not knowing then what it was leading to, or why? 

There were many photos from a wonderful day visit to Bruno's Gardens, that I'd shared some years back. 

Tragically, fires swept through this township soon afterwards,  destroying Bruno's hard work .... but certainly not his spirit. 

You can read from Bruno's website here, what happened then, and how he with many helpers, have worked together and regenerated this wonderful tourist attraction in Marysville, Victoria.

It's tandem-farewells today from both Snap Happy Online, and Snap Happy Birding.  I left the first post on my original blog, a little earlier.  You can read it here.

19 August 2014

farewell to Alice

This was a big day, having started with a 5.30 am departure for sunrise over Uluru, back for breakfast, followed by the base walk around Uluru, then a walk during the afternoon, at the Olgas.

this walk was quite arduous on such an unforgiving surface 

who'd have expected to find, a trickle of water down there?

our group had already flown from Uluru to Alice Springs, time to enjoy a coffee while waiting at the airport then for this flight to Sydney.  Farewell to Alice, a fantastic destination I'll never forget.

Thanks for visiting Snap Happy Online recently, and sharing some magical locations with me.

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16 August 2014

blue skies and red rocks ...

...forgotten the location, it was an hour away from the Palm Valley, N.T. stop, and after having made the bumpy 4-WD trek back over the dry Finke Riverbed, this was a short stop for those that still had some walk left in them.  Surprisingly, I was still in for it!

our 4-WD tour guide already at the top; he wasn't stopping for photos though...

I still feel excited about this landscape and the magical places I ventured back in June.  Have I told you (lately),  it was incredible?!

14 August 2014

a big mountain, and a big salt lake too

...it was mid afternoon as our coach arrived at this lookout for afternoon tea.  Always enjoyed not only the comeraderie over a quick cuppa and bite to eat, but seeing brand new scenes like this, Mount Connor.  

Not only were we to see Mt. Connor, but "across the road" we were to discover another amazing view.  Climbing uphill some to reach the top, but I couldn't get over quite how red the sand was there!

It was windy, and the grasses blowing, I wasn't sure I'd be able to capture them properly, and kind of waited for that 'lull' before pressing the shutter.

the white flowering native bushes are shown close-up below this

they must be tough!  But a little further over the ridge and next ...

we see this amazing view. 1032 sq. km of salt pan/lake; known as Lake Amadeus

no water - just dry salt

We were on our way next, another 50 kms. to reach Uluru, which I've already posted before this here when we arrived for sunset over the big rock.  And then there was the big walk around Uluru the following day here.

It was on the 21st June when I started posting on my fabulous journey to N.T. here and there's probably only two more posts I can squeeze out before my red-dirt Australia header will be taken down.  I so enjoyed this trip, that country is AMAZING, and know from your comments that this wonderful part of Australia has been of great interest to those of you who visit this blog also.

Thank you always for coming back, and especially for your comments; it makes 'blogging' itself so rewarding to know someone is watching out for your posts and dropping by every now and then.

12 August 2014

Ellery Creek Big Hole, N.T.

Walking the track first

this one was a big hole too; wonder what lives in there?  

09 August 2014

Kathleen Springs, Watarrakah National Park, N.T.

the smaller print reads: "the fence had a spear (non-return) gate which was wired open most of the time to allow cattle to move back and forth to drink.  Come mustering time, the spear gate was closed. Cattle could move in but not out and became trapped.

Signage from Parks and Wildlife Service read:
"to the Luritja people, the spirit of a Rainbow Serpent lives in this deep waterhole.  It protects the waterhole and others in the area which they believe are joined by underground tunnels.

The Luritja people have looked after this waterhole since the beginning of time.  They are careful not to anger the Rainbow Serpent.  Without its protection the waterhole would soon dry up.  They camp well away, approach the waterhole respectfully and never swim here."

06 August 2014

Flowers and butterflies, in a winter garden

...it's was during one of those free (no cost), and simply leisurely moments, sitting with a mug of hot coffee in hand; you know when you just kind of soak up the good weather .. and think how good it is. Some outdoor chores had been achieved already, and it was time to wind back with caffeine.   It smelt good, and it tasted good.  That's sounding a little counter-productive I know, when caffeine is said to actually, wind you up, instead.

And, while I was drifting somewhat ... with random thoughts, well ahead along the garden path, this butterfly landed. Well there was my photo opportunity, since camera was right there too. Pretty much, it is one of just four butterflies that I might ever see around here.

I think it's known as the Meadow Argus, and it had landed on Blue Salvia

So since I'm up out of that comfy chair now, I'm encouraged to go photograph some snippets of colour from my winter garden.

Nasturtiums, olde-worlde, and I enjoy their vibrancy and reliability.  Good self-seeders, and easy to weed out when 'finished'.  Another plus is that the bees love them too.  

Linarias, reminding me of mini snap-dragons

Johnny-Jump-Ups, or Heartsease, sometimes also referred to as Violas.  How many names can one flower have?

I love the intricacy of those fine veins, an artistic touch in the genetics of one teeny, weeny seed.

Even the humble nasturtium displays this trait.  When you just take the time to 'discover' you can find so much to enjoy

Indoors now, light on subject, and some camera play.

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