14 August 2014

a big mountain, and a big salt lake too

...it was mid afternoon as our coach arrived at this lookout for afternoon tea.  Always enjoyed not only the comeraderie over a quick cuppa and bite to eat, but seeing brand new scenes like this, Mount Connor.  

Not only were we to see Mt. Connor, but "across the road" we were to discover another amazing view.  Climbing uphill some to reach the top, but I couldn't get over quite how red the sand was there!

It was windy, and the grasses blowing, I wasn't sure I'd be able to capture them properly, and kind of waited for that 'lull' before pressing the shutter.

the white flowering native bushes are shown close-up below this

they must be tough!  But a little further over the ridge and next ...

we see this amazing view. 1032 sq. km of salt pan/lake; known as Lake Amadeus

no water - just dry salt

We were on our way next, another 50 kms. to reach Uluru, which I've already posted before this here when we arrived for sunset over the big rock.  And then there was the big walk around Uluru the following day here.

It was on the 21st June when I started posting on my fabulous journey to N.T. here and there's probably only two more posts I can squeeze out before my red-dirt Australia header will be taken down.  I so enjoyed this trip, that country is AMAZING, and know from your comments that this wonderful part of Australia has been of great interest to those of you who visit this blog also.

Thank you always for coming back, and especially for your comments; it makes 'blogging' itself so rewarding to know someone is watching out for your posts and dropping by every now and then.


Linley S said...

It never ceases to amaze me Carole, how in this country of ours we can have the vivid red dirt and then the next scene is the white of the salt lakes. This trip of yours has been truly amazing. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful photos. Cheers.

Montanagirl said...

Hi Carole. I always LOVE visiting your blog - you shared an amazing set of photos which showed the various types of landscape. From the big mountain, to the red sands, to the salt lake! Thank you for sharing!!

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

If I could go to anyplace in the world and stay for one year just to explore around, it would be Australia. No second thought to that.

Irma said...

Beautiful pictures, Carole.
Very special is the red earth.
The first picture is my favorite.

Gumer Paz said...

wow Monte Connor? That gorgeous! and that red dirt!
Nice pictures and beautiful places, Carole!
A kiss from Spain

Lisa Gordon said...

These are wonderful, Carole.
The view in the first one is truly breathtaking.
Have a great weekend!

Laura said...

Carole, I'm so happy when I see your AUSTRALIA red earth header! ...more NT trip photos!!! You captured the red earth perfectly. Interesting how sandy it was in places!!! I mistook Mt. Connor for Uluru when we first spotted it in the distance! Australia is such a diverse and wonderful place! Thanks for sharing it with us!

Made by KKann said...

Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photos.

Hugs to you from Norway

Christian Perrin said...

Wow, I never even knew this mountain and lake existed! Thanks for opening my eyes to such a beautiful location. Salt lakes would've been so heart-breaking for early explorers, as that really does look like a vast waterbody from a distance. That red soil is mesmerising too!

DeniseinVA said...

Incredible scenery Carole, you captured it all beautifully.

Kay said...

At first sight I thought it was Uluru until you mentioned Mt. Connor. Another amazing rock. The red sand is beautiful and what a contrast with the white sand of the salt pan/lake. When we lived in New Mexico we have seen salt pans there too.