16 March 2014


...and it was a good flat-white too, shared with friends in Sydney, when we met at the Museum of Contemporary Art restaurant.

This was on another day visit to the city of Sydney, and my friend on that day wanted to buy 'pods' for her coffee-machine at this Nespresso outlet.  It amazed me, this decadent exposure, totally for coffee sales. 

We were 'welcomed' and invited to the coffee-bar where a number of their coffee-machines were lined up, waiting for the female barista to take orders from the many customers now also arriving.  Petite white crockery cups set in deeply-recessed saucers were offered to taste-test free of charge the pod flavour you might wish to purchase.  Move over, wine-bars! 

I had high hopes of getting a photo of the bar set-up too, but since there were always customers standing there, I decided it a no-go-zone.  The staff didn't mind me taking photos, but I'm sure maybe some customers might object if they thought they were being snapped at, so I resisted.  

Various glasses/tumblers and these anodised cups? - no doubt there's a word for these, are also available for purchase - differing containers for differing coffees.

Pod display

... and, packets of Pods

The men at the counter where you made purchases were dressed smartly too.  The whole experience was kind of 'corporate' and really bowled me over.  I imagined the high rental within the city, the huge outlays for staffing and displays, all for coffee sales.  How much coffee is going out their doors to balance the scales?  Is it really that big?

I love my coffee/caffeine, but had no idea that it has commanded such a high presence as to support such an up-market sales approach as this.

Are you hooked on caffeine?  Coffee .. tea, or both I wonder? Personally I enjoy both, but coffee is my first preference.


Montanagirl said...

I love my coffee - not so much on tea, but will drink it now and then. LOVE my Keurig where I can try out the different flavors.

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Coffee before noon and tea after noon for me. I've never seen a place like that before and have no idea what a "pod" is as far as coffee lingo goes.

Linley S said...

What an array of coffee Carole. So many varieties with the pods, good to be able to try before you buy. I still use my manual espresso machine though with Lavazza grind. I don't know if the empty pods are able to be recycled. I put the coffee grinds on my garden.

Carole M. said...

John, as I know it, the pod is the name given to the capsule that holds the ingredients. That's then placed into the Nespresso coffee machine and 'processed'.

diane b said...

I prefer tea but I love the smell of coffee. These type of machines are very popular now all over, in homes and offices. I heard the price of coffee is going up due to the drought in Brazil. So I wonder how they will fare then.

Irma said...

Hi Carole,
There are so many different types of coffee cups.
Photo 4 I find really great.
I still make coffee with a filter, so no expresso machine.
Only in the morning I drink coffee, then the rest of the day I drink tea.
Greetings Irma

Jan Castle said...

Nope...not a coffee drinker, and my tea preference is Herbal. Having said that, I must confess to a soda every day at lunch...LOL! Coffee is big here I. The United States too - with a drive thru coffee place on almost every corner...amazing! We also have the upscale places too....usually combined with Internet accessibility. Our daughter uses the pods, and my husband thinks she is. It's to pay such a high price for them!!!! Hope you at least got to taste test a few! Love the heart shaped foam...almost makes me want to try coffee!

Bob Bushell said...

Grand pictures of coffee and all things related.

Jeanne said...

This is quite a colorful and interesting display of these coffee pods. i have an expresso maker which uses pods like this. Nice ambiancce