29 June 2014

...let's head out for a sunset over Uluru shall we?

It's now 5.45 pm, and our coach comes to a standstill, while picking up 24 passenger tickets for three day pass/entry to Uluru's Kata Tjuta National Park ($25 pp).

Just outside though, through the coach window and in the long shadow, lower centre of photo, you can make out rear end of a feral dingo.  

It casually turned back to look at us too, and later walked across the wide road ahead and strolled with some intent right up the middle of for a while, before crossing over to the far side.  Our coach driver Ray, suggested this isn't a true dingo since it hasn't a white tip on its tail.

We weren't first; we weren't the only ones ...others were here already, and as minutes rolled by, a larger contingent of tour buses arrived.  Note long-stemmed, plastic wine-glasses on table, ready for champers or other.

Our own group were spoilt too, with pre-dinner nibblies, cheeses, fruits, crackers and dips; and alchoholic beverages.  It was kind of a surreal experience, standing in red dirt with such a treat, and the 'big rock' Uluru standing proud in the distance.  

Thinking of 'sunset over Uluru' I had envisaged it would be that the sun set behind the rock i.e. see the sun slowly decending on the rock.  No, instead - the sun was behind US, and the 'sunset over Uluru' is the light from the sun OPPOSITE, which hopefully will cast good colour.  However, apparently that can depend on how hot the rock is (from the day's weather) too.  If it is hotter - then the colour is potentially, more intense.

Since it is now winter - and the days much cooler, with just one degree celcius evening and morning temperatures; may be that the sunset over Uluru this day is not as brilliant as at other times.  So what --- we'll just wait and see.  We're still enjoying every moment, and we have dinner to go to after this, back at the resort :).

it's now 6.14 pm.  Please visit this site to read more on Uluru, from where it is quoted rising 348 metres above the plain, more than 860 metres above sea level; that's higher than the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

and at 6.36 pm, this was pretty much the grand finale' to our sunet over Uluru experience.

 One of our tour group loved taking people photos for us.  Thanks Sue :)

Now, back at home, almost 3,000 kms away on the east coast of N.S.W., I still think of sunsets, and sunrises over Uluru, and the huge numbers of visitors that are witnessing them.  Our tour did also make it to the sunrise viewing platforms the next morning - so I will share those images at some time too.

ps - My Red Heart/red-dirt from the Northern Territory header photo, will remain up top until I slowly share photos from all locations visited.


Susan said...

Hi Carole, this is such a beaut post too. Uluru always leave such a lasting impression doesn't it. Beaut photos of the dingoes too.
How nice to have nibblies and such all set up for you.
Oh, and I meant to mention in the previous post how much I really like your 'Australia' header pic. Really nice :D)

Pauline said...

I've just realized it's over 40 years since I visited Ayers Rock as we called it then. Yet I can still recall the exact colour of the rock at sunset, and remember how cold it was. (It was August.) Thanks for refreshing my memory. I hope you, too, made memories to treasure.

Irma said...

These are beautiful pictures, Carole.
It's a beautiful sunset, the colors are beautiful.
Beautiful the dingo.
The header is totally awesome.

The Furry Gnome said...

I never knew that about those famous sunset pictures, but of course it makes sense when I see your picture.

retriever said...

Wonderfull post and fotos
greeting from Belgium with rain rain..


Bob Bushell said...

I love the Dingo and that beauty in last photo. Those mountains, fabulous.

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

Sounds like a wonderful time. I overlooked the header photo until I saw you made mention of it. Pretty neat!

Montanagirl said...

Uluru is amazing - Just stunning!

Kay said...

What an experience to see Uluru!! And the dingo's so near. Love your picture too Carole.

Jeanne said...

What an incredible site this big rock is with the sun setting giving it that beautiful glow. also, what a cute shot that is of you. Looks to me as if you were having lots of fun!