28 June 2014

Hermannsburg Mission, Northern Territory

For the Arrernte Aboriginals of the Northern Territory during the 1880's, a Lutheran mission was built . Come 1982, it was handed over to the traditional owners and, is listed on the National Heritage register.

 A well known and talented Aboriginal water-colour artist was born here; his name, Albert Namatjira.

unique fencing from yesteryear, creates a rustic boundary for the now tourist tea-rooms

 the tea rooms are inside building at centre of photograph now, set behind the palm trees each side of  pathway. 

a $10 admission when visiting the mission

 the old church building still has the bell hanging from the tree/post.  

 water tank

they're sure to have had a hard life on dusty, corrugated roads


Irma said...

Hi Carole,
Beautiful series of photos, which I find the old rusty cars beautifully.
The water tank is old, but beautiful.
Best regards, Irma

John @ Sinbad and I on the Loose said...

What a wonderful place. I like that fence. The benches in the church look like park benches, but the ones with no backs were neat with their natural wood stick legs.

Montanagirl said...

A lovely and informative post - really like that fencing around the Mission; and those old rusted out vehicles were a great photo-op!

Beth of "E." Lizard Breath Speaks said...

i love the fencing. what a neat old place. so rustic. ( ;

Susan said...

Hi Carole, beaut to see this interesting place again. Love the fence outside the tea rooms. We had very nice scones, jam & cream in the tea rooms many years back. Such an important locality isn't it, with the connection to Albert Namatjira. A nice collection of rustic vehicles too :D)

Lisa Gordon said...

Fantastic series of photographs, Carole, and what a great place to visit.

Ida said...

Lots of great stuff here.
The old rusty cars are pretty cool. I would enjoy visiting the Tea Room and that fence was pretty cool looking as well.

Kay said...

I like the fence, just simple but it gives the place a charm. Interesting story about Albert Namatjira. His paintings are beautiful and shows the mystic of the rough nature in Australia.

Jeanne said...

Such an interesting place to visit. Think I will look of the name of the man and see if I can find some of his work. Looks as if those cars have had a long and rather hard life.