28 April 2014

more of, the Reservoir Gardens

Following on from an earlier post, some more of the heritage-listed Reservoir Gardens, (site of Sydney's early water supply), at Paddington.  It was such a unique public-space, where anyone can take time  out and sit a while on the loose seats available - yes, nothing bolted down.  Shift it to another spot that suits you, or move some to include a group of friends.

A few people were sitting about; some chatting, a couple reading, someone else taking time to have a coffee and bite to eat that they'd obviously purchased up on the main street.  A grandparent bought a little toddler along to run about and explore, and others had come down the stairs to look at this special place for the first time, like I had; cameras to the fore.  Oh, and I nearly left out that there was a middle-aged male, enjoying his chosen spot on one of the deck chairs.  A brown paper bag was propped beside him, which he occasionally lifted to his mouth ... no doubt bottled water.

this gate was locked, in there was the bottom of the reservoir; it can be hired out for functions and ceremonies.

leaving Paddington Reservoir


Jeanne said...

Lovely shots Carole, but have to say I am always suspicious of men drinking out of brown paper bags. LOL, I am sure you were too. BUT, hydration is an important thing in the heat, right? Hugs to you

Montanagirl said...

What a wonderful place you shared with us! So very beautiful - and unique.

Im A Chickadeegirl said...

This is a very attractive spot! Nice photos. Our temperatures are hovering not far from freezing today with a downpour of cold rain. A walk in the Paddington Reservoir Gardens would truly warm my soul!

Bob Bushell said...

Nice olde garden, cheers Carole.

Irma said...

Beautiful pictures, Carole.
Truly a beautiful garden, lovely to stay.
Greetings Irma

Susan said...

How nice that the the old water supply site has been put to such good use.
It's a beautiful place and is obviously very popular amongst the community.
I remember seeing a very quick mention on tv about it a while ago and so it was really interesting to see your photographs :D)

Linda said...

Awesome archways!