16 August 2013

you're sure to recognise some of these flowers

Mother of Millions - origins, Africa and Madagascar. 

Lantana; this one is native to Central and South America

Freesias, and wow, the perfume in the air is just fantastic; native to South Africa.

Wild Tobacco Bush - South Africa

Black-eyed Susan, native to East Africa

What do they all have in common?  They're each escapees from gardens over the years and declared environmental, or noxious weeds within our bushlands.


Beth @ E. lizard Breath Speaks said...

wow, these blooms are gorgeous. many are new to me. ( :

Montanagirl said...

They're pretty though! Every year I plant Lantana in my kegs on the south side of our house. They love the sun and do well there. Also in the kegs I plant Fountain Grass. They're looking happy!

moni said...

Hello Carole,
gorgeous african flowers, wonderful macro pictures, love it!
Wish you a nice weekend,

Thanks if you visit my blog

Anonymous said...

Hi Carole, thanks for sharing these lovely flowers you so beautifully photographed. We have a few of them here in south Fl as well.

I love your new blog, name and look- nicely done :)

Mary Kiss said...

Hahahaha it made me laugh the word "escapees" because these escapees are just gorgeous I like to replant them here in my yard hehehe. The most familiar and I have it in my yard is the Lantana and Black eyed Susan the rest are beautiful too.

Mary, MI

Gunilla B├Ąck said...

They're all beautiful flowers, but they really need to stay in the gardens. Have a wonderful weekend!

Grandma Barb's This and That said...

I love the smell of Freezias!

EG CameraGirl said...

They are so pretty, sorry to hear they are noxious weeds there!

Laura said...

Thanks for the flower photos and the labels! Very helpful to know the names! When you say these are escapees/noxious weeds, does this mean they are not wanted and need to be pulled so they don't take over? Just wondering.
Hugs, Laura

Brian King said...

Beautiful! How ironic that they're considered weeds. Non-native species?

Carole M. said...

Laura: exactly; not wanted since they're not indigenous to Australia and potentially over time, can take over the native species. That also means then that the birds and other wildlife that have been depending on the indigenous species, will be lacking their food source. Programmes maintainedened by National Parks, and local Landcare groups work hard at eradicating where possible, these species and others amongst them. However, manpower resources aren't adequately available to make the desired impact in many cases.

Our photos said...

Beautiful photos from the flowers!
Greetings from, RW & SK

Digi-Irma said...

Beautiful pictures of flowers and plants.
The fourth picture is great, it's my favorite color.

Greetings Irma

diane b said...

It is a shame they take over because they are quite pretty. I knew some were noxious but not all. Freesias were a surprise.

Jan Castle said...

Oh but soooo pretty...would love them in my garden; especially the Freesias!
Paper Hugs,